Hardiplank Siding Vs Cedar Or Vinyl Siding

There’s an ongoing discussion in the home improvement and building industry as to which is more desirable a material for construction. Is it the Hardiplank Siding or Vinyl Siding and Cedar Siding, which has been around for a long time?

Lots of homeowners have been looking forward to a tangible solution from United Home Experts. If the solution were so simple, all three clapboard style sliding products wouldn’t have continued. The crux of the matter is, it depends upon your specific needs and the solution is largely governed by what your objective is and how you want to achieve that. All materials have their own positive and not so positive characteristics and a comparative study is available on the website, here is a quick look at some of the comparative features. In all likelihood you’ll fall in one off the following categories.

vinyl siding

Homeowner #1: You fancy the most natural, authentic and traditional product and wouldn’t mind spending for initial installation and the subsequent periodic maintenance.

You would better stick to CVG Western Red Cedar Clapboard.

Homeowner #2: For you maintenance is a hassle. You are willing to compromise with aesthetic appeal and be satisfied with limited colors, rather than spending time and money on maintenance.

Perhaps, you are not left with many options but to use Vinyl Clapboard.

Homeowner #3: You like the appearance and character of wood with a variety of colors, minus the hassles created by insects and woodpeckers and the general maintenance that wood often needs.

You’ll find answer in patronizing Hardiplank Siding.


  1. It's true that choosing the type of siding appropriate for your home depends on your preference and your budget. Since I can sacrifice the aesthetic appeal and I prefer a low maintenance siding, the best option for me is vinyl.

    After the hurricane last year, some of my vinyl sidings were damaged and needed replacement so I called several siding contractors (Minneapolis based) to replace them. After a number of calls, I ended up being referred to a reputable siding contractor Minneapolis company to do the job. And they were the best!

    By the way, the video is an excellent presentation and he makes it look so easy to do.

  2. In my humble opinion, it really just depends on your budget range and personal preference on which kind of vinyl siding you'll choose. But in my case, I've chosen the vinyl siding. Boston contractors are the one who've installed my sidings, and so far, it is fantastic and durable.

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  5. wow - I just did the very same thing. Cabin fever, had to bar b que and melted it pretty bad. Great tips, I think I can have this replaced pretty quick!

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  7. I just did the very same thing. Cabin fever, had to bar b que and melted it pretty bad. Great tips, I think I can have this replaced pretty quick!

  8. I agree with thomas. You need to determine what you're comfortable paying before you pick "which is best."

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  11. The choice of a siding must depend on the type of the house. For example, I may use the vinyl siding for my Victorian-type house; a Hardiplank may be better for modern-types. Besides, these have both pros and cons when it comes to installation and maintenance.

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